• Sastav : 51% svila, 49% kašmir, Punjenje : 90% guščije paperje, 10% guščije perje, krzno od kojota
  • Cena : 338.500,00237.000,00 – 169.250,00 dinara


CASHMERE SILK + NYLON ULTRALIGHT 51% silk 49% cashmere / 100% polyamide Fabric made of noble fibers of
cashmere and silk Combined with nylon ultralight At the end of the manufacturing process the material is soft and
combed Neutral colors with a melange effect Warm and comfortable garments Down padded This fabric has the rain resistant
treatment (W.R.) PI0483U Fabric: 38087 / 12020 sample color: 2050 Advertising Cashmere silk parka High insulation
Detachable hood Detachable coyote fur on hood Flap pockets with buttons Hidden double slide zip-up fastening plus buttons
Knit trimming in the same color Goose down padding
Made in Italy