• Sastav : 100% vuna, postava : 100% najlon, punjenje : 80% perje, 20% paperje
  • Cena : 185.500,00130.000,00 – 92.750,00 dinara


external layer: 100% virgin wool membrane: 100% polyurethane Two layers fabric Loro Piana
Outer layer made of pure virgin wool Inner layer made of a technical polyurethane membrane of plant
origin The intertwine of threads on loom creates a diagonal pattern Wooly to the touch Garments with classic and refined
style This fabric has the rain resistant treatment (W.R.) PI0517U Fabric: 33514 / 19288 sample color: 9200
Capolavoro car coat Detachable nuage zipped bib Slit pockets Alcantara details Hidden double slide zip-up fastening
Sub-zero padding
Made in Italy